Tuesday, May 10, 2011


ONLY IN DENMARK, have I seen OUTSIDE my window, a guy wearing only a white shirt and one sock, wank off.  He was just as bald on top, as he was on the bottom.  Yelling to himself to "KOM NU" every time he'd pull on his very tanned worm.

MR. BIGGLESWORTH caught me and decided to get shy.  He hid.  Frustrated, I ran to the bathroom and peered out the window.  Nothing.  Ran to the kitchen, jumped on the counter, falling into the sink, peered out the window.  Nothing.  Ferociously barging into teen Miss Jekyll's room, at 6 in the morning, I ran to the window and found my perverted weenie wanking obsession who, at this point, was slapping his worm on teen Miss Jekyll's bike.

Disgusting to see, I whipped out my camera and took picture after picture.  Proudly, my husband sold one photo to a newspaper.

Money.  Wanking.  My first experience ever and it had to happen here.


  1. Ok I gotta know... FACT or FICTION??????

  2. FACT!!!! Picture is in Keld's photo album of the guy.